Wednesday, 29 February 2012


In case anyone was looking for some art comments - unlucky - I'm still on car maintenance:  The van is very poorly!  It will be fixed tomorrow.  Yesterday I took my Mum and Dad up to see the exhibition.  We whizzed round it and shot off for lunch at the Europa on Albermarle Street on a table next to Michael and Brenda Felmingham and friend which was fun.  I don't think the decor in there has changed since Bill Paterson first treated me to cod and chips and a bottle of red one Friday lunchtime 10 years ago.  I had to return to Messums today to sort through some possible commissions with Kris.  4 hours later we emerged a little clearer. I took the TR6 and it was lush.  It makes such a great noise!!  I managed to rework a couple of oils from Hungerford Bridge looking at Westminster (nothing new) and I think made them passable.  The light was misty/pink/twilight at 5 and I tried a view of Buckingham Palace though the light faded too fast.

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