Monday, 5 March 2012

NEAC Committee Meeting

At the Mall Galleries this morning for an NEAC committee meeting.  It was a great turn out and I managed to draw Richard Pikesley, Toby Ward and a bit of Melvyn Petterson..  oo and had a go at Alex Fowler.  I made his face too fat.  I usually do that to him.  I think it's because I am jealous of his goddam youth!!  Saw the new Threadneedle space which looks great and squeezed in a bit of painting in the afternoon.  The van by the way is running lovely and apparently it was simple to fix - a broken wire, a missing washer....  I need Ella to stand in the studio tomorrow or Wednesday in her school uniform with her mad bunches in so I can finish an oil of her for the RP: put in on 15th March.  I am also putting in a drawing of Hattie asleep.  I don't really know why I enter.  I don't think the RP would like me as a member even if I was up to it as I rarely do any portrait painting.  I just love having a go.  Working on the mantle piece painting for RA.  I think you are more likely to get interiors in as the idea of 'Plein Air' I think would be seen as terribly unfashionable with the selectors.  Everyday detritus on a mantle piece I think is seen as more contemporary...??  My other form of attack will come in putting in a very small second one which they may not see and send it through as accepted to save getting up from the chair.  When I have done these opens I am looking forward to concentrating on my next show.  The 2 man in Cardiff is in my sights and I have had a couple of scratches.

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  1. Peter, if the RA think plein air is unfashionable then they'd better have a quiet word with Mr Hockney :) I'm gonna chance a plein air piece along with a small watercolour....fully expecting the dreaded thin rejection letter in due course but as you say, fun to be in the mix. Good luck with the open submissions. BTW, I had to go back to Messums for a second viewing. Quality show!