Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Painting Trip to Arles.

We tried it last year with Spencer Scott - a painting trip to Cuba with "Pete The Street". Unfortunately we did not get enough takers and it was cancelled.  On our holidays this summer we stayed in the Camargue in the South of France and one day I managed to rip the kids away from the campsite and into Arles.  It was absolutely stunning and sewed a seed in my head.  Liz Drake from Spencer Scott Travel got in touch on my return and asked if there was anywhere I'd like to go..
Anyway, if it runs, we are planning a 10 day trip to Arles from 2nd - 11th May 2015  (Lisa's birthday is on the 7th - oops! Sorry old girl!).
Anyway should anyone be interested here's the link:

Monday, 13 October 2014

Roberson's Glaze Medium - Rock on!

It was at about this time last year that I was painting the big sunset painting for the Bath show.  I was doing it in the studio on the floor throwing puddles of paint and glaze medium all over it.  Not used to painting in the studio the fumes built up and Lisa kept telling me to open windows and get out.  I noticed it for a week or two afterwards feeling a bit 'icky' and put it down to the nasty 'Cobalt driers' in the glaze medium.  Well they've changed the formula now - no more Cobalt Driers and it works exactly the same!   Its yellowish in colour now as opposed to that red.  Good job Robersons - we ca all live a little longer!  Great to see some autumn weather at last.  I can now wear my long johns without fear of having to strip at 21 degrees, sweaty on a pavement.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

NEAC Selection...

..was today at the mall galleries.  Unfortunately I missed the first one and a half hours as the M4 was closed after Slough!  We saw lots of great stuff.  If your work did not get in I am sorry but I think we did it as fairly as possible.  The exhibition opens on the 28th November and runs to the 7th December.
This is a seasonal one I'm putting in which I painted last Christmas:

Christmas, Motcombe Street, London
oil on canvas   20" x 16"