Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday night blues

The airbag light is still on.  The garage said they'll wipe it.  I wonder what it's for?  Off to India on Wednesday.  I can smell the cat has poo'd in the studio but can not locate it. May be a while before my fourth post.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Picked up the van.  Luckily the 5 litre drum of genuine turpentine with the dicky lid was saved from emptying slowly on the van floor over the last week by the box of clothes it fell into.  I closed the door and the handle fell off. Ollie broke the arm rest on the way home and the air bag light is now constantly on. So I'll take it back to the garage tomorrow.

Van nearly resurrected: TR6 heaven: painting in Bath

I have ducked this for long enough.  I am still not sure if I should but thought I'd give it a bash.  Last week the power steering went on the van and it's been in the garage all week. It's a bit hard driving a 3 tonne van without it.  I pick it up today so I have spent the day in Bath in and out of the TR6 ducking showers and painting from Bathwick Fields on board.  I also had a go at a 'Sun after Rain' when it glares off the tarmac which seemed to go well.  I'm trying Marine Ply at the moment as opposed to MDF.  It has a bit of grain for a tooth but no way near the canvas I use.  It is very light.