Thursday, 13 September 2012


Just got back to the house to await the arrival of Messums.  We are due a catch up and it's about time I provided a sandwich for David and Carol.  The morning's post had arrived:
"Oo goody the Discerning Eye results"
I opened the letter to find 6 straight 'R' s. That hurt.  You always come across people who no longer submit for the RA Open since the year they were rejected (while their work had been in consistently for 20 years or so).   I have always found this a  natural but illogical reaction.  Art is subjective and it is all down to that year's selectors.  BUT...  That Friday 'put in' was a beautiful day and I spent hours driving to London, collecting paintings and dropping them off and I was really frustrated at the time.  It was a wasted day and a missed day's painting. GRRRR!!!
But never mind.  Much more interesting is my new discovery:
I headed down that way on Tuesday as the sun looked best there.  I stopped first at Osmington Mills for a painting and then on to Weymouth.  School has started hasn't it?  It was throbbing.  what amazing terraces on the front with wonderful victorian shelters and railings, loads of cafes, b&b's, hotels.. and tonnes of people eating ice creams.  It is great and I will be back a lot I think.
Lesson is:
Paint and do as little running around with the goddam things when they are done as possible.
Now I must tidy my studio for the visitation.