Monday, 30 April 2012

This can go in the '??' box with Economics..

..That's floods and droughts.  "Rivers are full but there's no water in the ground"??
I'm afraid "all weather Pete the street" has been in the studio for the last week or so dodging the rain.
Today though I was in Chelsea painting Chelsea and Albert Bridges in glorious sun (and wind and those itchy bits from plane trees that go in your eyes).
The Lynn Painter Stainers Prize was great.  I need to find more Bollinger sponsored events.  There were several sponsors and prize winners thanked that night but the biggest cheer of the evening proceeded the word 'Bollinger'.  It really did flow and there were hundreds of people there!
Encouraged by that anyway I thought I'd break from Cardiff and have a go at a studio mantle piece picture for the Threadneedle Prize (yes another one - but they are great fun and the control you get in the studio compared to windy embankments..!).  I already have a quirky perspective long thin one and am working on a 50 x 40 inch one square on (I have a 50 x 40 frame begging).
Last week was however was not quite as smooth as I'd hoped - at least the painting wasn't. The mighty George Devlin had his latest wonderful show opening at the Portland Gallery.  George very kindly decided to invite the 'India Boys' to join him and other family and friends for a meal after his PV at the Chelsea Arts Club.  10 days I was in India eating everything I should not from street food to egg curries.  My intestines were never happier.  One delicious meal in Chelsea and the liquid could not leave my body quickly enough from every available hole for two days!
Anyway after my day in the sun in London I'm back to the mantle piece for a couple of days.  I'm hoping that it'll be near done this week but I know I shall fiddle for ever.
Family news: Ned (3 years old) has taken to falling to sleep to radio 3 in his room at night.
Motor news: The TR6 goes to Acton on 10th May for a rebuild of diff mounts.  I have this plan to take Ned up and spend a day in London with him but the jealously amongst his siblings may just be too much.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A new superlative..

I have been painting in Cardiff recently.  The day before yesterday I was congratulated on a small oil of Bute Street (people are so polite) 'That's SMASH that is!".
'Smash' - I like it.  So we can add that to 'proper', 'well good','bad', 'heavy', 'do' (pronounced do and not doo) and the most popular 'sick'.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Enough chocolate

We've had a good blast this Easter and I've not painted since Good Friday!! Just the odd sketch book hit.  I think I start work for the Cardiff show today so I'm over the Severn Bridge.  At least that's the plan.