Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A new superlative..

I have been painting in Cardiff recently.  The day before yesterday I was congratulated on a small oil of Bute Street (people are so polite) 'That's SMASH that is!".
'Smash' - I like it.  So we can add that to 'proper', 'well good','bad', 'heavy', 'do' (pronounced do and not doo) and the most popular 'sick'.

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  1. Hi Pete, I lived in Cardiff for about 15 yrs (yonks ago) attended the Art College too, where plein air work was much out of fashion. Yes tis a SMASH city, 'Wicked' even, and the surrounding area, coast etc. It can have extraordinary light bouncing off the R.Severn The Welsh people really down to earth and friendly. Best wishes to all, and good painting there!