Monday, 13 February 2012

Back from India missing the snow in England

Arrived back from Udaipur via a 12 hour wait for a connecting flight at Mumbai where I caught a taxi from the domestic airport to the beach to watch the sunset before getting completely ripped of by a rickshaw back to the international airport.  I had my luggage transferred with the 20 oils I had done and was relieved to see them again before boarding.  India, as my pal Caroline told me, was a 'seminal experience'.  I am weary of boring people with it but let's just say it was jaw dropping and the people were amazing.  Painting on the narrow busy streets of the centre of Udaipur's old town was at first nerve racking (how they can fit 2 rickshaws a motorbike, a cow and a few pedestrians across  a road 3 metres wide I do not know).  I would have loved to have shown Westminster city council how the people of India did not bizarrely find my tripod a risk to human life.  I would ask the shop keepers/ stall holders if they minded me painting from their spot and they could not have been more welcoming and helpful insisting I shared their lunch and offering masala chi every hour!  It was a treat to spend the week or so sharing evenings on rooftop restaurants over looking the lake with the lads (Ken, Patrick Cullen, James Horton (with his botttle of whisky) and George Devlin) and of course Dora (but please Patrick don't mention Berlusconi).  I experienced for the first time jet lag over the weekend and having adopted Ned's cold will now spend 2 days doing that guff that we all said it was great to get away from in the last week: emails, post and goddam VAT!!  Patrick Cullen organised the trip - thank you very much chum.  Let me know when the next one is.

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