Monday, 27 February 2012


I did not book tickets for the show.  It's always just too much grief.  I always miss these things.  Spoke to mother on the phone about wheeling her and the old man up to the show tomorrow (in a van with dodgey PAS again, an airbag light and a brake warning light on! It's booked in again on Thursday).  Mum mentioned she'd been watching Andrew Marr and Hockney and she loved it then my friend Joy phoned reporting the same.  So for the first time ever I used BBC i player.  I do like him.  He does not use deliberately ambiguous 'smoke and mirrors' art language.  He is very straight forward and yet passionate.  Best bit of the film:  25mins:35seconds - 52seconds: The lady with the feather duster!!
Some good quotes I thought (not new ideas but succinct):
'The world does not look like a photo.  It's not the human view'
'Notice what the artist does not what he says'
'You can teach the craft but not the poetry.  Now they try to teach the poetry but not the craft'
And then his paraphrasing 'The Chinese': 'You need the eye, the hand and the heart.  Two will not do you need all three.'
Now I shall try and find the freud programme if it's still on i player.  Do they have shelf lives?
I Think I'm going to be up all night.

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