Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Private view today. We'll catch the 16:15 from Bath Spa and probably sneak a quick gin in on the way up.  They are funny old evenings private views: Usually busy although I remember one at W.H.Pattersons when my aunt told my mother she'd like to go:
"Well please do Natalie but you have to realise Peter will be very busy and probably will not get the chance to say hello"
Come the night I was delighted to see my aunt kick the tumble weed out the way and I gave her the biggest hug.  I had been feigning interest at all the paintings for 10 minutes and had run out of things to do other than stand with my hands in my pockets waiting for 8.30 when Bill Patterson, the bloke serving the drinks and me could go home.  I did not let my aunt go.  It was a god send!  Coming tonight Nats?

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