Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bit grim this..

I was recently asked to do a painting for a client of a coastal scene.  This happens quite a bit and the nature of it means that sometimes the client will not like the painting.  I have got used to this now.  It's not brilliant but it happens.  I was a bit shocked recently when I was told this painting was turned down on the basis that there was a man in a motorised wheel chair in it!  Just thought I'd share that one with you all..

"Teignmouth 2013"  oil on board 8 x 24 inches

in the background there is the tunnel in the red cliffs where the coastal train track runs on through to Dawlish


  1. unbelievable! maybe you ought to ask beforehand what exactly they think a realist painter paints? or send them to the railings at Hyde Park on Sundays - you can buy any amount of sanitised crap there!

  2. In a painting as complex as that, there are many chances to find a little pice that bother your client. It is a nonsense.

  3. Hi Pete,
    I spoke to you while you were painting in Barcelona about the video on the ban of painting outdoors in Barcelona. Here it is...

  4. I hope you will not be bothered as your work is so beautiful.

  5. Hi Peter.
    brilliant painting. It is good that we are not all of the same mind eh? You have shown real life in a painting but somebody doesn`t see it that way, complaining that their is a poor chap in a wheel chair,
    thats life. All the best Peter.

  6. I'm sure you don't give a $#@! Peter because of course you know how good your work is and need not be bothered by small-minded baboons. Can't wait for your DVD to arrive - damn that slow postman!! :-)

  7. Hi Peter,

    I was in Bath this Summer, a kind of re-visit of my first Bath acquaintance during the 1970s. This Teignmouth-work is a great painting. I enjoy your DVD very much and in the meantime I'm improving my plein air painting skills thanks to your tutorials.

    Best regards from the Netherlands!
    Nop Briex,

  8. I guess you were pretty miffed about that Peter, as you lost a sale. The way some people's minds work sometimes is baffling. Maybe he had second thoughts about spending his dosh on one of your lovely paintings and used the wheelchair as a poor excuse.
    If you had produced this painting for me, I would have been highly delighted! :)