Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Enough Indoors..!

Just finished my second big India painting.  Both have been worked up from a couple of of the India oil sketches.  I did 44 I think over the two weeks at the end of February and beginning of march. I worked quite intensely and the detail in a couple I thought was enough to square up.   I try  this every now and then with limited success but I reckon it has gone OK this time.  I've worked a 15 x 10 to 48 x 36 and have just completed a 62 x 54 from a 16 x 16 (Clearly the bigger ones have a bit more road).  APV have just done their last bit of filming too.  I'm not really very good at talking as I paint and they had a lot of silent footage that needed voice over.  My mind went completely blank when reviewing the footage I'm afraid so I hope they do some magic in the studio!!  We did 5 pictures in the film.  They were a bit of a struggle and not my best examples but hopefully it'll be interesting to watch!  I've also spent an age trying to put together a "Brown's London"glossy book but scared of the cost it has come to a halt. Back on the road proper tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to.  The last outing took me to Rame's Head in Cornwall which was magic.  God knows where tomorrow.  Must check the weather and load the van.


  1. Looking forward to your (silent) film Pete! I actually love vocalising when I'm giving a demo, so hope I can get fast enough outside to persuade APV to 'do a DVD' of me sometime. That was an impressive output in India - look forward to seeing the show.

  2. Enjoyed your APV film Pete, good work, well done.