Friday, 15 June 2012

On Gary's request..

I have avoided in the past talking about painting let alone posting pictures but as Gary from down under has requested here is my rejection from the Threadneedle:

  I was lucky enough to have a small on accepted which I am delighted at.  I am not posting that one - you'll have to go to the Mall for that.  This is 50 x 40 inches and took me an hour or two.  By the way I think I said something derogatory about the Threadneedle taking 4 years to go trendy but it has been pulled right back in line and I would recommend any serious figurative painter to enter (keep your big mouth shut Brown!).  While we're on the case, registration for the glorious NEAC Open Exhibition has opened.  With the option to apply digitally this makes great sense for those further afield to now enter. Here's the link:


  1. Nice to see your painting on here Pete! I was just catching up with your blog and noticed your previous post about the Pagaent. It was interesting to hear how you got on, I was also one of the artists on the Millenium Bridge and was wondering before the event if you would be painting it. It would be interesting to see what you did.

  2. Hi Paul. I'll try and get some pix up soon. It was a funny old day. It must have been great to be on a bridge!